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Dr. Teddy A. Rodriguez

I provide multicultural consultation services to institutions (i.e. Theatre Companies, Festivals, Schools, etc.). These are examples of consultations services I can provide. I work on a sliding scale, on site (if expenses are paid) or remote, and will design a consultation that works for your institution. 


Strategy Consultation

One day webinar talk-back 

*Including consultant inquiries for information and documentation


Diversity Webinar/Training*

One day webinar talk-back

(Can ADD Womxn BIPOC Diversity team same rate per person)

*Does not include research time 

Diversity Research** 

**request of diversity numbers must be made AT LEAST (4) four weeks prior to talk back. Examples of statistical analysis:

Research of institutional diversity 1 year to present                              

Research of institutional diversity 2 years to present                                

Research of institutional diversity  5 years to present  

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